Wednesday, October 15, 2008

San Diego Trip

It's been over a month since I've posted a blog so I though my next one should be the highlight of our summer. We made a trip to San Diego to visit Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park and the ocean. We had a blast despite the weather! It was cold and rainy but got better towards the end of our trip. Adam, me, the girls and Shaun drove and Kelly and her boyfriend Erich flew in and met us in San Diego.

Our first stop was this huge statue, which was by accident. We turned onto a side road to meet Kelly and her boyfriend, Erich, and found this lovely thing. The girls were very impressed. We couldn't get Adam away from her!
Our next stop (after we went to breakfast) was Sea World. I loved it!! The whales and sea lions were my favorite. We went to Sea World twice this vacation and the second time was better because the rain had stopped and it wasn't so cold.
The zoo was fun but a very big area to cover! There were so many animals to see.
It was awesome that Kelly got to meet us in California with her new boyfriend, Erich. He made our vacation even more fun. My girls loved him!
Ahh. My favorite part of our vacation. The ocean. This was the first time that I've got to swim in the ocean. It was still a little chilly, but that didn't stop us. After dipping her feet in, Addison had enough and went to sit with dad (who didn't care much to get in). After swallowing some water and almost throwing up, Journey was done. But Shaun and I stayed in for a while. My ears were freezing but the rest of me was fine. Until we got out!! Then we picked some seashells. Just a word of advice for any first-time seashell pickers. Don't bring home the shells that are still closed! There could be living things in them! My car smelled like fishy stuff for weeks!
Our trip came to an end but we got to do everything that we set out to. It was the best family vacation so far! Now if I could only get my passport so we could leave the country that would be even better! Thanks to Shaun for taking all our pictures and video!