Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Addison!!

Addison is almost three years old. I can't believe it! Her birthday is on the 17th but we celebrated it on Sunday so her Dad could be there. This year I decided I would make my own birthday cake because I am sick of store-bought cakes. I searched online for an easy one to make and found this one. Addie loves butterflies so it worked out great. I have to say I was pretty happy with the way it turned out
I'll admit that compared to the picture I got off the Internet on how it was supposed to look, mine looks a little like a bunch of kids made it but it tasted good and Adam, Journey and I had a blast making it.
I put Adam and Journey to work blowing up the balloons. Journey thought she would save some time by blowing them all up at once. She was surprised it didn't work!
All of Adam's hot air came in handy for this task. Love you honey!
Addison got a little bit of help from big sis to blow out her candles. She thought that I had made the greatest cake in the world. It was a little sad for me to have to cut it. It was all worth it though!!


Shaun said...

I think the cake looks awesome! Good work. We'll call and sing on Wednesday.

McKenna said...

I love that cake you did a good job! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I cannot believe that she is three already.

Errin said...

Hey great cake! way cute! And Happy Birthday to little miss Addie! :)

Jesson and Storme Hoopes said...

did you ever go use your spa thing yet?
i would be willing to babysit for you if you would like to go and use it...just let me know.

Shaun said...

Where's the blog filling?