Friday, November 28, 2008


Wanted to update everyone on how great Myles is doing!
I love this picture it reminds me of those greeting cards of the animals with huge eyes! His facial expressions are hilarious! Big sis, Addie, wants to teach Myles how to make funny faces.
Myles was moved to an open crib on Sunday. It's fun to dress him up! He's doing great keeping his temperature where it should be. Just one of the few milestones he needs to meet before we bring our bundle of joy home!

Journey is an awesome big sis. Myles already loves to listen to her voice. He always smiles for her. This outfit he's wearing I was sure had to be newborn or 0-3 months but it's preemie!! He still has some growing to do.

My little prince! He was just weighed tonight and he's 4 lbs 2 oz. I'm so excited. He will probably reach five pounds within the next two weeks the rate he's going. I started to try and feed him this week. If I can get the little guy to wake up he does quite well although he bites my every time!


Jesson and Storme Hoopes said...

he looks so good......yay i hope that he will get to come home soon.

Errin said...

AHH! He is so cute, Im glad he is doing good!

63angel said...

Hi Sarah, this is Sandie from Lins, I came upon your blog somehow... Hummm, kinda wierd and was wondering if you were the same Sarah I know from Lins, and sure enough. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I didn't know you were pregnant... Wow, but God is awesome to take care of you all and how cute your kids are :)