Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best Christmas Present Ever!

Myles on his way home from the hospital.Well Christmas has come and gone, but we're still loving our favorite present! The girls have been so good with Myles. They love him so much. Even though Myles had to pretty much be quarantined for the first week because everyone was sick except me thank goodness!
Myles' great-grandma knitted him this outfit and every time he wears it people say he looks just like a doll!
I know Myles is so happy to be home. He is such a good baby although he is very spoiled and wants to be hold constantly which is fine with all of us! He is now a "wireless" baby. No more oxygen or monitors. YAY!
Journey is like Myles' second mom. She loves to feed him and burp him and even do diapers. We couldn't be any happier right now!

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63angel said...

I am sooooo happy for you all. What a great gift to be given. :) Have a happy New Year